(((O))) has evolved out from an ongoing dialogue between Lee Welch and Teresa Gillespie. Without the aim or desire to reach conclusions or answers, the dialogue is primarily an act of being open to dialogue. It is a playful and improvisatory process that resists an economy of trading utilitarian information. Akin to a dust ball being tossed back and forth collecting a diversity of matter as it grows, the form emerging is closer to a generative assemblage than a sequence of articulations. Currently a verbal and virtual exchange without a physical home or public face, the idea of (((O))) is to temporarily locate its process, build a hearth and invite a selection of guests to affect and expand its resonance.

(((O))) will gather together as a group of artists, curators and theorists over the weekend of 31st August – 1st September 2013 at Clonlea Studios. Each participant will share something of their preoccupation, whether in the form of a work of art, a text, a performance, a video, a set of instructions or a package by post. Through the duration of the event, and partaking in the process of sharing what each offers, the participants will collaborate in the formation of a temporary community; in the formation of (((O))).

(((O))) will be playfully serious and seriously playful in its desire to provide alternative ways of meeting, sharing and engaging. Rather than an event with a binding theme, (((O))) will be choreographed around a variety of situations through which participants, audience and art works encounter one another. These playful situations will endeavour to promote openness; a willingness to affect and be affected, creating a hybrid space of flux. In some cases these situations will be provided through the work of participants, but they will also be dispersed between and the contexts for talks, performances and works. Beyond choreographed situations, (((O))) will emerge through the process of what happens when it happens, which is to say that it seeks to be open to the indeterminacy of the encounters. Yet, as one selects guests for a dinner party, we are selecting our guests in relationship to each other with the hope of dynamic interactions.

(((O))) will use the unusual setting of Clonlea Studios as a stage for diverse and communal actions. In moments it may be akin to a playground, a health farm, a seance or perhaps a fantasy utopia.


David Beattie,  Cormac BrowneJessica Conway, Simon Cummins, Jane Fogarty, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Gemma GorePaul Hallahan, Sarah Forrest & Virginia Hutchison, Dragana Jurisic, Marion Kelly, Kevin Kirwan, Serena Lee, Jonathan Mayhew, Luke McCreadie, Rob Murphy, Oisin O’BrienLiam O’CallaghanHelena O’Connor, Michael O’Rourke, Seoidín O’Sullivan, Lucy Pawlak, Susana Pedrosa, Pm, RGKSKSRG, Eoghan Ryan, Tim Stott, Senjia Topcic, Matias VertizMarysia Wieckiewicz