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Month: July, 2013

From Identities to Adjacencies

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word pressed junked gems

by teresagillespie

Cricket fans are familiar with the archetypal figure of the talented but not great cricketer: men who showed dazzling displays of brilliance but were unable to sustain it over their careers.

Plus size dresses are now very trendy when it comes to styles and designs.

When you learn how the media works, and mold your expertise into a carefully crafted media attracting strategy, you actually help the media do its job in exchange for valuable exposure for your company.

It shocked my little legs off.

When you hear “nature” you think about muted, earthy tones, which isn’t always the case.

by susanapedrosa

shaking tail to shed water

by susanapedrosa



by jnthmyw

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by teresagillespie

Human feet do not determine the reference point for all directionality.

by seoidin


massage on a bottle

by susanapedrosa


3 on a rope

by susanapedrosa

3 on a rope


by l0v0l

Something for your tea?

who’s there?

by l0v0l

The place was artificial but the emotion was real

The place was artificial but the emotion was real

knock knock

by l0v0l

I'd pay to have you near...