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So on my way home I get off at Pearse. an unusual stop for me. Walk in. End up in Sweny’s a magical old chemist bookstore. It seems like it would have a hand. I go in and look around. It is wonderful. Old bottles. Wood shelves. Books about fragments of an old but disused chemist. Two gentlemen one orderly the other rather non description but covert. The older chap starts in about Walsh from my asking about the day it being Easter and how was business. He proceeds to go into some depth but is far over my head and I have no idea what this clerk with Bow tie, white lab coat and Dali like facial hair is recalling. History of the Walsh. CUT He then explains they do Joyce readings there and points to chairs lined up with cushions behind the counter. CUT I ask if they by chance have a spare hand for me. He then reaches or my third hand and examines it. Detailing or rather reading it. It is an artistic hand he indicates knowingly. You can tell by the two centre fingers pointing inward of each other. The line at the base of the thumb where he points and says this line means a medium will be located. I fade as he twists the hand round and says something followed by this means they are intelligent. He states a few other observations. He finally is reading my palm. He looks at my hand and re states the previous…


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Slipping between the boundaries of categorisations.