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He asserts that we “narcissists, echoists, we only listen to languages and human rumblings”. We are incapable, according to Serres, of making room for that space Derrida discerns in graphic possibility for the in-coming of the other. Serres writes: “by splashing about in this foul rubbish of meaning, we appropriate the world… we’re only interested in ourselves and our properties. Never in others. I’m not only talking about other ourselves, those who, resonating with languages said to be foreign, nevertheless buzz with human languages. But other others: belling or howling living things and resonating things. Yet we’re beginning to decipher the codes of living things—true living languages, authentically foreign—and the inert things of the Earth, both of which, like us, receive, transmit, store and process information” The biogea, he concludes, converses.